Donetsk and Donetsk region. Rest in Donetsk and Donetsk region

The history of Donetsk region began with free wind of unfettered steppes, scent of the wild herbage, neighing of brumbies and militants shouts of nomads. Scythians, Sarmatians, Polovtians were rendering habitable the Wild field, leaving the imprint of their history, culture and customs on the Donetsk land, inserting the narrations about glorious battles into the historical chronicle. Exactly the pictures of their life, their traditions and battles underlay “The Word about Igor’s Regiment”. Indeed, many ethnographers proved that events which described the famous battles of Prince Igor, took place on the territory of Donetsk land.


Donetsk is a miner capital

 Then nomads were substituted by Zaporozhyan Cossacks. Having equipped settlements (zimovniki) on the territory of future Donetsk, they protected the way from Don to Zaporozhye, were engaged in cattle breeding and agriculture. The age of the salt production came after the age of Cossacks. The small state salterns outgrew in the first saltern factories of the Donetsk region: Bakhmutskiy and Torskiy. And in 1721 the coal was found on the Donetsk land and the history of the development of Donetsk region, having made last abrupt turn, headed for the development of the coal output and factory manufacture.

The factory settlement Yuzovka which had arisen round the first metallurgical plant outgrew in the industrial city of Stalino which in 1932 was renamed into Donetsk – a city of industrial waste heaps and the fragrant roses, developed industry and rich entertaining infrastructure, a city of affable and smiling people – the heart of Donetsk land.

Donetsk nowadays is a miner capital where diligence and persistence of people have allowed to create a powerful industrial complex, to result the development of variety of key industrial branches and thus to put Donetsk in one line with the most beautiful European cities. Spacious parks and the squares full of greens and fragrant flowers, the European architecture of constructions, high level of service of ultramodern hotels, restaurants, trading-entertaining and sports complexes, goodwill and comfortable atmosphere make feel in Donetsk as at home and want to come back here again and again.

Donetsk area is a suitable frame to the main diamond – to the city of Donetsk. It is possible to find hi-tech factories and plants, the first class hotel complexes and cozy guest cottages, “tasty” restaurants and “incendiary” night clubs, unique monuments of history and culture, unique works of art created by the nature – steppe reserves, wildlife preserves, landscape parks, and the creations created by a man – precious heritage of S.Prokofiev, A.Kuindgy, N.Rerih. All of that you can visit, see with your own eyes, touch to amazing and wonderful things, on making excursions about Donetsk city and region.

Territory of Donetsk region

Donetsk region covers a south-eastern part of Ukraine, occupying 26,5 thousand sq. km of the Ukrainian earths, or 4,1 % of all the territory of the country. To cross the region from the south to the north, it is necessary to overcome 240 km, and from the West to the east – 170 km. The biggest cities of the region are Donetsk, Mariupol, Makeyevka, Gorlovka, Slavyansk, Enakievo, Artyomovsk, Kramatorsk, Konstantinovka, Krasnoarmeysk. The regional centre is the city of Donetsk.

The warm Azov Sea, rich in its curative properties, tenderly laps in the south of the region. On plunging into the Sea in the hot afternoon, it is possible not only to take pleasure in the sea cool, but also to enrich ones organism in useful chemical elements for which the water of the Azov Sea containing ions of iodine, sodium, potassium, magnesium and so forth, is famous. And to services of those who prefer combining business with pleasure, there is curative mud of the resorts of Azov; these muds contain a lot of useful organic and inorganic substances, enzymes and vitamins which have really salutary affect on a human body.


Hotels of Donetsk and Donetsk region

Гостиница Донбасс Палас

Donbass Palace Hotel


On going to visit Donetsk, it is possible to put aside safely any anxiety concerning the place of accommodation. To services of city visitors there is the five-stars Donbass Palace Hotel whose zest is the unique two-storied suite with 360-degree panoramic view; the Victoria Hotel Complex surrounded by a fine landscape park with fountains and game zones; the Ramada Hotel – the worthy representative of the well-known hotel network in Donetsk; the Central Business Hotel located in the downtown of Donetsk, the Spanish Patio Hotel, embodied the color of passionate Spanish culture in its interior and cuisine;


the ancient hotel Great Britain (Velikobritania) constructed in 1883 where A.Serafimovich, K.Paustovskiy, V.Mayakovskiy stayed in due time.

Hotels of Donetsk region are no less comfortable and cozy. In Svyatogorsk you are waited by luxury of the 5-star Roche Royal Hotel, in Mariupol – comfort of the city Grand Hotel, in the Komsomolsk village of Volnovahskiy district – rest and treating in the wellness complex Forest Park, and in Krasniy Lyman – active summer holiday on the bank of the cleanest lake, in the Skazka Ozera Hotel.

Recreational facilities in Donetsk

Гостиница «Донбасс Палас», Донецк

Donetsk. Lenin square


Green islets of parks and squares, bright colours of flower beds and solar highlight from splashes of the city fountains are intertwined wonderfully with the urban landscape of the city of Donetsk.

The Sherbakov Park of Culture and Rest ideally combines everything what is necessary both for rest in nature’s lap and for an active pastime. The choice is really rich.

It is possible to boat down the Kalmius River or to walk along the flower alley, enjoying the sweet aroma of roses in a rosary, going down directly to the water. 

It is possible to go for a ride on the toy machine or to look at a city from the height of the Ferris wheel, or even to ride on a horse on a colourful merry-go-round. It is possible to sit with friends in a cozy cafe, sharing the latest news behind a cup of fragrant coffee, or to take part in one of the festive concerts which take place so often in the Sherbakov park. And it is possible, or even it is necessary to visit Donetsk Dolphinarium Nemo, located on the park territory. Then pleasant impressions of walk will be added by bright memoirs about the show of “animal” actors – fur seals, dolphins-afalins and a sea lion. Walking on the park alleys, you by all means should be photographed near a flower bed – the Euro-2012 logo.

And if you come to the park with your beloved person, it is obligatory to leave a lock with your names on a figured handrail of the bridge, as a reminder of your love, which never will die away.

On the Pushkin boulevard you can sit on comfortable benches, enjoying murmur of fountains and aroma of flowers. If it becomes boring, you can walk along the boulevard, having a good look at the original stone sculptures under the general name Ukrainian steppe, you can be photographed near a forged sculpture-fountain The Rivers of Donbass or Mertsalov’s Palm – an honorable symbol of Donetsk region. Also on the boulevard you can see the works of local masters – pictures, souvenir plates, jewelry and many other things.


Pushkin boulevard

Donbass Arena Stadium

The Lenin Komsomol Park consists of 2 new modern parks: the park of the Victoria Hotel Complex and the park of the Donbass Arena Stadium. In the park of the hotel complex you can walk along an artificial river or walk through green alleys. And in park near the stadium you will be amused by the fountain cascade – the huge granite ball that has 28 tons in weight which rolls under the pressure of two streams of water, and also by the Philosophical garden – a rock-garden, the area of which is nearly 2,5 hectares.

The Park of Forged Figures allows finding yourself in the real fairy tale, where the forged figure of Pinocchio and Iron Woodcutter peacefully adjoin the wooden Baba Yaga. On walking along the park paths, you can find your zodiac or sit in the Arbor of Lovers which every summer meets happy newly-married couples who has arrived to the park to celebrate the first happy moments of their family life. The main adornment of the park – the copy of the UEFA Cup won by football club Shakhtar – personifies the spirit of Donetsk people in their eternal aspiration to achievements and victories.

The Park of Rest and Entertainments Gorodok is intended for the real family rest or cheerful pastime in the company of friends. There are more than 20 attractions, including Russian Hills, restaurant, cafe, fast foods, spacious green valleys and the equipped zones of rest in the park. The main detail of the park is an ice skating rink of the European level, with an all-the-year-round schedule of work.


The Park of Forged Figures.

Cultural life

It will be never boring in Donetsk to true judges of art. To services of theatre-goers and music fans there is the Donetsk regional philharmonic and 3 theaters: the Musical-Dramatic Theatre with unusual experimental stage and a theatrical living room, the Opera and Ballet Theater, the Puppet Theater. The international festivals of professional art such as “World ballet stars”, “Prokofiev’s spring” are annually held in the city, and in 2011 the International ballet competition by Serzh Lifar has passed with success in Donetsk.

FC Shakhter museum

Admirers of ancient time can plunge into the antiquity world, on visiting the Donetsk Museum of Local Lore, judges of graphic art will appreciate the richest collections of the Donetsk Art Museum. Those who prefer unusual expositions, should visit the Museum of history and development of the Donetsk railway at the railway station of Donetsk.

Here it is possible to see railway tools and the equipment, uniform of 1936, Morse telephone sets and even the real rare steam locomotives. One more original museum is settled down in the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Donetsk region. 

It is the museum of history of Donetsk militia, among which such exhibits as the samples of uniform, the weapon of militiamen using during the Second World War, self-made guns, the bombs, the shooting handles withdrawn from criminals, and even the real militia motorcycle. Football fans will pass away time with pleasure in the FC Shakhter museum. There are the rare historical documents and photos, 23-meter Wall of Fame along which the original prints of palms and feet of the legendary football players and coaches of FC Shakhter made from molten metal cast in plaster moulds, the most important and significant cups and team trophies are presented, since the Cup of the USSR and finishing the UEFA Cup which “miners” won in May, 2009. Also visitors of the museum can enjoy watching one of the significant matches in the history of Shakhter while sitting in a cozy 25-seater cinema hall with accommodating an improvised 'fifth stand' (that's how they used to call the slag heap near the Central Stadium Shakhtar in the fifties and sixties) or spend time in the hall for video games.

Set of interesting and unique in its own way museums are opened in cities and villages of Donetsk region. You can visit the Gorlovka art museum with an extensive collection of canvases by N. Rerih or the unique Gorlovka museum of the miniature book. In the Mariupol showroom it is possible to get acquainted with works by A. Kuindgy creations, and in the Mariupol museum of history and ethnography of Greeks of Priazovye you will be inspired by the ancient history of the “sea” city. Fans of natural riches won't remain indifferent, having visited the museum of Velikoanadolskiy Forest in Komsomolskiy village in Volnovahskiy district or the National Architecture, Household and Children Creative Activity Museum in Prelestnoe village in Slavyanskiy district. Admirers of music by S.Prokofiev can get acquainted with the basic milestones of his life and creative activity in the memorial museum of the musician in Krasnoe village in Krasnoarmeyskiy district.


Donetsk by all means can be named as one of the main sports capitals in the country. Such significant international competitions as match meetings of the Davis Cup, UEFA Champions League, UCI Grand Prix of Donetsk, competitions of ESC European Shooting Cup, World International tournament for jumping “Donbass Tour”, European Kyokushinkai Championship, EBFF European Juniors and Masters Championships were held in Donetsk.

In the spring of 2011 Donetsk hosted the visitors and participants of IIHF World U-18 Championship. And in 2013 the city is going to host IAAF World Youth Championship.

But the main sports passion of Donetsk people is football. Inhabitants of Donetsk always sincerely endure defeat and explosively celebrate the victory of their favorite team FC “Shakhtar”. The constructed in 2009 Donbass Arena Stadium – the first stadium in Eastern Europe designed and built to meet UEFA regulations for elite stadiums – is always full of sincere fans and admirers of football. Donetsk gradually becomes one of the main football capitals in the country, having hosted in 2009 UEFA European Under-19 Championship where, by the way, Ukrainian National Youth Team became the winner. Besides Donetsk is going to host the UEFA EURO-2012 Championship.