Kiev and Kiev region. Tours in Kiev and Kiev region
The history of the modern Kiev city has begun with a beautiful legend about three brothers Kiy, Shek and Horiv and their sister Lybid. The prince of Slavic tribe of polyan Kiy, being amazed by picturesque banks of the Dnieper River, lush greenery of woods and abundance of wildfowl in local places, decided to found his house here which than increased to the whole city. So, in the VIII century the city-fortification protecting townspeople from an unexpected attack of enemies appeared here. The city was named Kiev in honor of the eldest brother Kiy.


Kiev is a golden-domed capital

Being located at the crossroads of the main East European trading ways, the city developed and prospered, gaining might and power of the trading and political center running one of the strongest state associations of eastern Slavs. Becoming so significant object on the political map of those times, Kiev couldn’t attract attention of Prince Oleg, the governor of princedom Novgorod. Having decided that henceforth “It will become Russian city”, Oleg won Kiev and made it a capital of the new ancient Russian state – the Kiev Rus.
So, in the IX century, the history of the great state began – it was the foundation of the state which resulted the development of Slavic culture and architecture, laid the foundation of Christian religious on Russian land, become a starting point of the development of the Kiev city and Kiev region as large cultural-historical and educational center of Ukraine.

Nowadays Kiev is the capital and the biggest city of Ukraine, the city which is surrounded with verdure, flowers and the sunny patches of light reflected in murmuring fountains and golden domes of the churches. Kiev today is amazingly organic combination of fine objects of olden time – ancient churches, monuments of culture and history, unique sights with more than thousand-year history – and amazing embodiments of present times – high-rise buildings, ultramodern hotels, restaurants, trading-entertaining and business centers.


Kiev is a modern metropolis

Kiev region keeps up with its center – the soul of Kiev land – city of Kiev. Beauty of Kiev region is in its amazing nature landscape and arboretums, ancient history – in ancient architectural constructions and original monuments, uniqueness and originality – in numerous museums and architecturally-landscape museum complexes. Kiev region always meets the visitors with the first-rate hotel complexes and cozy guest cottages, “tasty” restaurants and jolly night clubs, offering comfortable rest without cares. To touch history of Kiev land, to see its beauty, “to feel it of skin” is possible, having gone at excursion about Kiev and Kiev region.

Territory of Kiev region

Kiev region is situated in northern part of Ukraine, having covered the area of 28,1 thousand sq. km and having occupied 4, 7 % of all the territory of Ukraine. From the North to the South the area is crossed by the Dnieper River so lyrically sung by the Ukrainian writers. The largest cities of the region are Belaya Tserkov, Borispol, Brovary, Irpen, Obuhov, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitskiy, Slavutich, Fastov.

Hotels of Kiev and Kiev region


  Hyatt Regency Hotel

Kiev hospitably welcomes visitors, offering pleasant and comfortable rest in its best hotels. In the heart of Kiev Premiere Palace Hotel is located, representing not only some part of the architectural property of the city, but also offering high quality service at the level of “five stars”. The luxury and service according to the world standards of quality wait for you in the hotels of Radisson SAS and Hyatt Regency – worthy representatives of world famous hotel networks. You can combine business activity and pleasant rest, having stayed at Kreschatik Hotel or Vozdvizhenskiy Hotel.

Original and comfortable rest on the bank of the Dnieper River offers Hotel on water “Perlina Dnipra”. The European quality and the Ukrainian hospitality wait for you in Andreevskiy Hotel and Riviera Hotel-Boutique.

Hotels of Kiev region are not inferior to the capital ones by their quality of service, comfortableness and atmosphere of house coziness. In Borispol visitors are hospitably welcomed by Ligena Hotel, in Vyshgorod – Vyshegrad Hotel Complex, in Brovary – Landhouse Hotel, in Belaya Tserkov – Central Hotel, SPA Boutique-Hotel – in Vorzel.

Recreational facilities in Kiev

Kiev is the most beautiful city filled with greens and fragrance of flowers, a city in which it is easily possible to appear in private with wonderful nature, being surrounded by blossoming lindens and chestnuts and to forget that the city landscape is next to you. In this city only half of the territory is built up, all the rest is occupied by reservoirs, green squares and parks.

Tours about Kiev are inconceivable without visiting its main and widest street – Kreschatik. The carriageway occupies 25 meters at width, and sidewalks take the whole 14 meters. Along the street there are green chestnut alleys which are so beautiful in the spring flowering.


Kiev is a greeny city


Maidan Nezalezhnosti


The street is crowned with the all the known Maidan Nezalezhnosti bringing in its own charm to an overall picture – ancient and modern architectural constructions, sign monuments and the sculptures, murmuring fountains and fragrant flowers. Soul of Kreschatik, as well as Kiev is in the gold-domed Sofievskiy cathedral located here.

The unique place of wildlife – Truhanov island – is stretched in the center of Kiev, between the main channel and arm of Dnieper River – Desenka. The green island covers the territory of 450 hectares where the most part is occupied by large forests and reservoirs. Here it is possible to spend time pleasantly, walking among 50-years old pines or enjoying sunshine on one of sandy beaches (Central, Dovbychka, etc.). Here it is possible to go with friends on picnic, to fry shish kebabs, to fish. It is possible to sit with your lovers in one of cozy small restaurants, and it is possible to plunge into extreme. Fans of an active rest can find water stations, sports constructions, Center of extreme attractions located on the island.

The Hydropark – the real watery-entertainment complex with set of beaches, water and land attractions, the developed entertaining infrastructure – is located on Venetian and Dolobetskiy islands between Dnieper and Rusanovskiy channel. Here possibilities for diversified rest are presented. Fans of beach rest can enjoy the equipped beaches (including children’s beach and beach for disabled people), hire of boats and catamarans, water attractions. Fans of “club” rest will be satisfied by numerous restaurants, night clubs and casino located here.



For fans of active pastime Hydropark is the real paradise! Here it is possible to play ping-pong and tennis, to battle in paintball-tournament, to arrange a match on football, volleyball or beach Rugby football, it is possible to send on errands on go-cart racing or to receive the dose of adrenaline, having dared on bungee-jumping. Having got to Hydropark it is necessary to visit the rope park “Lazalka-Hydropark” and the outdoor ice rink. Special sight of this place is the park “Kiev in a miniature” – a mini city made in scale 1:33, with mini Kreschatik and Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Dnieper, the basic sign monuments and sights of a city.

There is a place in Kiev, where the merging with the nature is felt, where soul can rest, and the body is filled with some special “space” energy – the Vladimir hill. Here it is pleasant to walk in silence of green alleys, to sit in one of Kokorevskiy arbors, to enjoy the beautiful panorama of the city – delightful view on Dnieper, Podol, Truhanov Island and Darnitsa opens from the slopes of the Vladimir hill. Here you can think about something important and, at last, find harmony between soul and body. So, in due time T.Shevchenko, M.Vovchok, I.Nechuy-Levitskiy and M.Bulgakov dreamed, reflected and created here.


The park"Kiev in miniature"

Navodnitskiy Park is a place in Kiev that breathes with love and exciting presentiment of happiness. Here, among green poplars and motley flowers, loving couples like to walk, and newly-married couples seldom miss possibility to come to the park and make a wish of family happiness. So, in the park the monument to founders of Kiev – to Kiy, Shek, Horiv and their sister Lybid is located. It is considered that if the bride stands with her back to the monument and will manage to throw a wedding bouquet into a boat, her future family life will be strong and happy. Also it is possible to make a wish, having touching a leaflet of the Tree of Happiness or to put own plate with the names and wedding date on the alley of newly-married couples.


Feofaniya Park

Feofaniya Park is a wonderful place for family rest where it is possible to walk with family among green alleys and the Alpine hills with marvelous flowers, to walk along the bank of the lake, to sit on a bench or in an arbor, enjoying the cleanest air and the most beautiful nature. Children can feed the ducks swimming in the lake, or to play on children’s playgrounds where except of teeters, small houses and labyrinths are figures cut out of wood, a huge basket with flowers, an old mill. Loving couples come here to leave a lock with the names on a handrail of the bridge.

And truly religious people visit the park to pass on a pilgrim track to the font “Tear of Divine Mother” and to saint healing sources.


Cultural life


Cultural life of Kiev seethes and changes, giving possibility to enjoy all bright sides of art, having chosen the ideal variant of cultural leisure. Theater-goers can choose from – 25 various theaters and the theaters-studios, the most interesting among which are the National academic opera and ballet theater of Ukraine named after T.Shevchenko, the National academic dramatic theater named after I.Franko, the National academic theater of Russian drama named after Lesya Ukrainka, the Kiev academic puppet theater, the Kiev academic dramatic theatre in Podol, the National philharmonic of Ukraine, the theater “Dah”, theater “Koleso”, and the vanguard theater “Chorniy kvadrat”.


The Kiev academic puppet theater

Kiev has lots of interesting and in own way unique museums. You can get to know about the history of the development of a society in the territory of Ukraine from an extreme antiquity up to now in the National historical museum of Ukraine. To touch the history will be possible, if visit the Paleontological museum, the Geological museum and the Archaeological museums of Kiev. Masterpieces of the Ukrainian painting, sculpture and drawing from times of Kiev Rus and to present days are collected in the National art museum of Ukraine. Art of Russian masters of painting can be estimated in the Kiev museum of Russian art where canvases by Shishkin, Repin, Vasnetsov, Vrubel, Rerih and Konchalovskiy are exhibited. The fans of western and east art should visit by all means the museum of arts named after Bohdan and Varvara Hanenko keeping world masterpieces of graphic arts, sculptures, decorative art and painting; here it is possible to see canvases by Vel?zquez, Bosch, Bruegel, Rubens and Rembrandt. You can see works of national and professional decorative art of Ukraine from the XV century up to now – ware, embroidered towels and carpets, church utensils, national cloth, Cossack pipes, painted Easter eggs and many other things – in the Museum of the Ukrainian decorative art. Those who prefer modern art, should visit the Mistetskiy Arsenal, Karas gallery, PinchukArtCentre and Kyiv Fine Art Gallery.

The set of the original museums which exhibits excite imagination and make to look at habitual things in an absolutely new way are located in Kiev. There is the only in Ukraine Kiev circus art museum, among exhibits of which is circus-tent in a miniature and Animal railway of grandfather Zollo. In the aircraft museum samples of civil, transport, military and even naval aircraft are collected; the unique exhibit is kept in the museum – the first-ever jet passenger plane Ty-104. Author’s dolls of the 30-40 years of the XX century, the working model of steam-engine, transformer of the 50th years of the last century, a figure of horses and deer made of cheese, the first artificial fir-tree from chicken feathers you will see in the State museum of toys.


The museum of M.Bulgakov

In Kiev there is the museum of history of cars in models where foreign and Soviet models both manual and serial assemblage are presented; the museum of one street devoted to the history of Andreevskiy descent; the museum of the book and publishing of Ukraine; the museum of M.Bulgakov located in the house of the author of the immortal novel “Master and Margarita”. Among museums-originals of Kiev are the museum-drugstore, the museum of history of Kiev drainage, the museum of waste things and even the museum of history of toilet where it is possible to see the varied toilet bowls made of porcelain, stone and metal, and also the Victorian pot and Japanese toilet bowl of last generation.


The museum of national architecture

and household "Pirogovo"

The most amazing museum of Kiev region is the outdoor museum of national architecture and household “Pirogovo” where on the territory of more than 150 hectare all historical-ethnographic regions of Ukraine are presented. Here it is possible to see over 300 monuments of national architecture of the XVI-XX centuries from all Ukraine: middle Pridneprovye, Poltavshchina, Slobozhanshchina, Polesye, Podolye, the Carpathians and the South of Ukraine.

Festival life of Kiev shines with bright colours, suggesting to plunge into the world of music, art, enchanting shows and fun. The most popular and favorite among them are the Kiev international film festival, the International festival of the modern art “GogolFest”, Ethnic festival “Kraina Mriy”, the Kiev Festival of Fire, Festival of kites “Vremya provetritsa”, Youth musical festival “Gnizdo”, All Ukraine festival of Japanese animation.