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Procedures for bringing personal belongings into/out of Ukraine by individuals

1. If you are 18 years of age or over you can import free of customs duties and taxes:

• 1 liter of strong alcoholic beverages
• 2 liters of wine
• 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 gr. tobacco

2. PERSONAL BELONGINGS are not subject to customs duties or taxes, though a customs officer has a right to ask you to make a written declaration in relation to them.

3. A person can bring in FOOD products free of customs duties and taxes if their total value does not exceed 50 EUR. However, food products should not weigh more than 2 kilos in total, and there should not be more than one package of the same product.

4. GOODS with the total value of less than 200 EUR may be brought in free of customs duties and taxes. If the value of your goods is greater than 200 EUR, but less than 1000 EUR they will need to be declared on a customs personal declaration form. If the value of the goods is greater than 1000 EUR the goods will be subject to clearance in accordance with the import declaration requirements for imported cargo.

5. CULTURAL GOODS may be brought in if they are not subject to any international alert and you have documents, which prove your rights of ownership. To take such goods out of Ukraine you will need to obtain relevant authorization documents.

6. MEDICATIONS in the amount needed for a course of treatment supported by medical certificates and prescription.

7. FIRE ARMS are only allowed to be transported with permission from the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine.

8. The transportation of DRUGS subject to prohibition is not permitted.

Regulations for currency imported by individuals (residents/non-residents)

I. Subject to oral declaration

1. Cash per one person, regardless of age – The total value should not exceed the equivalent of 10000 EUR
Notes: Individuals leaving Ukraine should orally declare the cash that they are taking with them with the exception of cases where the cash is subject to mandatory declaration.

ІІ. Subject to written declaration (in cases where the cash exceeds that allowed under the oral declaration procedure)

1. Cash per one person, regardless of age – The total value exceeds the equivalent of 10000 EUR (and is supported by documents showing that the money was with- drawn from an account in an accredited bank or similar financial institution)
Notes: In cases where cash exceeds the equivalent of more than 10000 EUR, and was previously imported, the customs import declaration and the supporting documents from a bank or other financial institution, referred to above, must be produced to customs as the basis for exportation.

LIST of goods viewed as personal belongings

1. Personal jewelry, including those made of precious metals and stones with signs of having been in use.
2. Goods like clothes, body-cloth, and footwear of an exclusively personal character, intended only for personal use and with signs of having been in use, or new ones that are imported, as a rule, in one set.
3. Goods for personal hygiene and individual make-up items in the amount needed for one person to meet his/her needs during the trip.
4. Individual writing materials.
5. Photo-, movie- and video cameras, and accessories for them.
6. Binoculars.
7. Handheld musical instruments.
8. Portable sound reproducers (tape-recorder, dictaphone, etc.) with tapes, discs, etc.
9. Portable radio sets.
10. Portable TV sets.
11. Portable personal computers and accessories for them.
12. Calculators, pocket PCs.
13. Individual portable medical devices to support the vital functions of a person and to monitor his/her medical condition, with signs of having been in use.
14. Cellular, mobile phones, pagers.
15. Baby carriages.
16. Wheelchairs.
17. Sport equipment – bicycles, fishing-rods, equipment for underwater sport, skis, tennis rackets, surf and windsurf boards, golf equipment, and other similar equipment for use by one person.
18. Medical substances, which are transported through Ukrainian Customs in the amount and order stipulated by the Ministry of Health.
19. Household articles used by citizens who have been abroad on extended business trips.
20. Other basic essentials that constitute the personal belongings of a citizen and are intended exclusively for personal use and support; that are neither articles of trade nor meant for alienation or assignation to other persons; and that are in line with the stated purpose of travelling abroad.

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