Get acquainted with Kiev!

Arrival day: any day of the week

Tour duration: from 1 day to 7 days

Route: Kiev

Tour program:

1st day, Monday

2 p.m. Meeting with the guide at the underground station “Kreschatik”, entrance to Gorodetskogo street.
Pedestrian excursion “About Kreschatik: from Maidan to Bessarabka”.
Walking along Gorodetskogo street we go to Maidan Nezalezhnosti. Namely in this place Lyadskie Gate were located in former times; in 1240 Batyi’s horde burst in Kiev namely through these gates. Nowadays Maidan is famous as the main stage of Orange Revolution; it’s the place of conduction of numerous concerts, various musical show and political meetings, as well as leisure place for Kiev young people.
In Maidan you will get acquainted with the monument to Kiy, Shek, Horiv and their sister Lybid – the founders of Kiev, the monument to Cossack Mamay, the monument of Independence which is 60-meter column with female figure handling viburnum twig on its top, the model of historical Lyadskie Gate.
Kreschatik is the shortest capital street in Europe which extension is only 1200 meters. But at the same time it’s one of the widest streets, somewhere its width is 130 meters. Ukrainian TV and radio enterprise, numerous offices, shops, restaurants and cafes are located here. Kiev citizen’s favorite streets – Proreznaya street with the “Young Theatre” and funny monument to Panikovskiy located in it, Bogdana Khmelnitskogo street with the National academic theater of Russian drama named after Lesya Ukrainka located in it, Shevchenko boulevard – are spread from Kreschatik to Old City.
At the end of Kreschatik there is Bessarabskaya square. In XIX century the market where merchants were trading with vines, fruits and tobacco delivered from Bessarabiya was situated here, on the city outskirts. And in 1910-1912 the building of the covered market – the richest in its product range but at the same time the most expensive market in modern Kiev – was constructed here.
(pedestrian tour, tour duration is 2,3 – 3 hours).

2nd day, Tuesday

1 p.m. Meeting with the guide at the underground station “Golden Gate” (in the street, at the entrance to Golden Gate)
Pedestrian excursion “Theatrical Romance”: Kiev citizens are always considered to be true theatergoers. How many different theater stars had played on Kiev stage! Their performances were the hit with the public, they were showered with flowers, people admired them…Along the excursion you will hear the stories from Kiev theatrical past – funny and touching, comical and tragic.
(pedestrian tour, tour duration is 3 hours)

Visiting of one of the city theater (on request).


3rd day, Wednesday

1 p.m. Meeting with the guide at the underground station “Kreschatik” (entrance to Gorodetskogo street).
Pedestrian excursion “Architectural chronicles and parks of Pechersk”
Really in Kiev you can plunge into the atmosphere of bohemian Paris of the end of XIX – beginning of XX centuries. A huge quarter, which became a favorite place of artists, poets, musicians, singers and other art bohemia had appeared here, in the center of Kiev, on the territory of Mering’s big estate.
Along the excursion you will pass through Gorodetskogo street, find yourselves at the Solovtsov’s theater, hear the story about the first pay park, about Ginsburg’s skyscraper and much other interesting information about Kiev life. You will see numerous monsters, chimeras, idols and angels on the facades of the houses; you will get to know many interesting facts about the street, which has kept its charm even in the noisy center of the city. Then on going from Ivana Franka square and up stairs you will reach the building of Presidential Administration and one of the most fantastic houses in the city – the Houses with Chimeras which was built by the architect Gorodetskiy after whom the street was named. Along Luteranskaya street you will go to the House of Wailing Widow at which you will see the house where Maria Tarnavskaya – Kiev aristocrat of royal blood, femme fatale or black angel as she was called by her contemporaries – lived.

Excursion to Chocolate House. The estate constructed at the turn of the XIX century and the XX century and named by the local citizens as Chocolate House is located in the center of Kiev, in Shelkovichnaya street. But no to be mistaken on thinking that sweets are sold and candies are produced here. The house facade is chocolate here; the house is saturated coffee-chocolate color with numerous molding. Due to it the house is really liked to be made of exquisite chocolate bars. Not only facade but inner interior is beautiful too. The house looks like a daedal casket from the inside. The unique interiors of the house were decorated in different art styles (Modern, Renaissance, Gothic, Baroque).

4.30 p.m. Free time
(pedestrian tour, tour duration is 3 hours)


4th day, Thursday

1 p.m. Meeting with the guide at the underground station “Pochtovaya ploshad” (near the funicular).
Pedestrian excursion “History of business and cultural development of Kiev”. Along the excursion you will get acquainted with the monuments of religion, architecture and science, know a lot of interesting facts about the great people who had caused the development of Kiev. They are organizers and founders of sugar industry, bridge constructors, aircrafts, architects, doctors, composers and teachers, scientists and merchants as well as the other talented people who are famous not only in Kiev but in Europe. You will see the creation of architects who embodied the beauty of Ukrainian Baroque, nobility of Florentine Gothic and refinement of Modern in stone. Besides you will hear rare information concerning mythology, heraldry and history of Europe.

4p.m. Excursion is over in Gorodetskogo street.
(pedestrian tour, tour duration is 3 hours)


5th day, Friday

1 p.m. Meeting with the guide at the underground station “Golden Gate” (in the street, at the entrance to Golden Gate)
Pedestrian excursion “Along the road of Upper city – Prince’s castle”:
The excursion begins at the Golden Gate – the main gate of the capital since the times of the first great princes of Kiev Empire.
In Vladimirskaya street you will gaze at the houses of the XIX century: in past times Y.Gashek was writing his work “Good Soldier Schweik” in one of these houses, A.Vertinskiy was creating his songs in the other house and V.Vasnetsov was painting his canvas “Heroes”.

2.30 p.m. Excursion to the National reserve “Sofia Kievskaya”, visiting of the museum “Sofia’s Cathedral” – the monument of Ancient Russian architecture which is the main cathedral of Kiev metropolitans. It was founded in 1037 and had been reconstructed numerous times since its construction. The cathedral got its present appearance in style of Ukrainian Baroque after the reconstruction at the end of the XVII century. Inner interior was saved almost unchanged. The main cathedral treasure is the fresco of the XI century, on which portraits of prince’s family, scenes of prince’s hunting, dancing buffoons can be seen.

3.30 p.m. Excursion is continuing. In Sofiyskaya square you can see the monument to B.Khmelnitskiy which is located namely in that place where in 1648 Kiev citizens saluted the Hetman with his army. Then we shall go to Mikhaylovskiy Zlatoverhiy cathedral. This beautiful monastery was recreated by Kiev government in 1997-2000. Nowadays it looks as if after its last reconstruction in the ХVІІІ century, in style of Ukrainian Baroque. If you deviate from the route a little, you will reach the Vladimir hill which is written about by poets and writers. The hill offers a beautiful view of the Dnieper River, Pechersk and European square. Besides another symbol of Kiev – monument to Vladimir the Great (its authors are St.-Petersburg sculptors V.Demut-Malinovskiy and P.Klod) is located here.

5 p.m. Excursion is over in Kreschatik.
(pedestrian tour, tour duration is 4 hours)


6th day, Saturday

11 a.m. Meeting with the guide at the underground station “University” (in the street, at the entrance)
Bus review excursion about the city “Get acquainted with Kiev”.
Along the excursion you will get acquainted with the amazing city over the Dnieper River and its historical objects:
At first we will stop near Vladimirskiy cathedral which was founded at the end of the ХІХ century, in pseudo Byzantine style; the best artist such as Vasnetsov, Nesterov, Pimonenko, Vrubel and others painted the cathedral.
(visiting of the cathedral).
The next stops are National opera of Ukraine (1901), Golden Gate – the main gate of the city, monument to B.Khmelnitskiy, Sofievskaya square, Mikhaylovskaya square, Nezavisimosti square, Funicular, Pochtovaya square and Kontraktovaya square (stop), embankment of the Dnieper River, monument to Kiy, Shek, Horiv and Lybid – the monument to founders of Kiev (stop), monument “Native Land-Mother” and others.

2 p.m. Excursion to the National Historical-Cultural Reserve Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra – the proud of Ukraine, treasure of the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO, the place of mass pilgrimage, in cave labyrinths of which the relics of more than 120 saint people are placed. In the upper territory you can visit the museums of: historical treasures, of decorative art, of book and publishing, of theatrical art, of Syadristiy’s miniature.

3.30 p.m. Free time
(bus-pedestrian tour, tour duration is 4,3 hours)


7th day, Sunday

10 a.m. Meeting with the guide in the hotel hall
Bus tour “Week-end in Podol”
Podol is one of the most popular districts of Kiev. Craftsmen, merchants worked and municipal authorities administered here, and then they were praying in Podol churches. Besides Polish, Armenian, Greek, German, Tatar, Jewish churches can be seen in this place.
In Podol – in ancient tracks – there are former crafts shops, Brodskogo’s mill and ancient electric station, water-conduit and sundial which age is 200 years, the first in Kiev drug-store, the first in Russian Empire tram, river port, Zhitniy Market, etc.
Along the excursion you will get acquainted with Podol main sights: the square with commercial name – Kontraktovaya, Kievo-Mohilyanskaya Academy; you will visit the museum-drugstore and will get the chance to buy tasty souvenirs in Zhitniy Market and Roshen trade shop.

2p.m. Excursion is over at the railway station.


Fee includes:

Accommodation in the hotel – in the room of chosen category; breakfast in the restaurant of the hotel – buffet breakfast (in St. Petersburg Hotel – continental breakfast); excursions according to excursion days; tickets to the museums according to excursion days: Sofievskiy cathedral, Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra, museum-drugstore, Chocolate House; transfer: railway station-hotel-railway station; guide service; transport service according the program. 


Additional costs:

Early meeting at the railway station (earlier then 7.30 a.m.); additional excursions; early hotel accommodation.



*additional accommodation in the Tourist Hotel is only for children under 12 years old, in the rooms with separate beds.
- recommended arrival time: 7:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
-information concerning the meeting: for the tourist arrived before 7:30 a.m. - meeting with the representative of the company is in the hall of the main railway station, at the drug-store (at the escalator) in the time interval of 7.30 a.m.- 8.00 a.m. Meeting with the plate “Знакомьтесь - Киев”/”Get acquainted with Kiev”. Group transfer to the hotel (waiting is possible).
- we recommended to provide your information concerning your arrival beforehand, fresh from railway tickets buying. The tourists who haven’t provided any information concerning the arrival minimum 2-3 days before the check-in date will be accommodated at the hotel on their own.
- the firm has the right to change the program, without changing the number of services.
- meeting time and place for excursions can be corrected, you should check it before being accommodated.
- the meeting place with guide is reached by the tourists on their own, by city transport.
- pedestrian tour doesn’t cover transport service.
- documents: bulletins on tour (it’s given 2-3 days before the arrival date), passport, birth certificate for children, tour voucher, insurance.
- check-in time in the hotels: accommodation is after 1 p.m.